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MavX A/B Goldmount Kit

Lamphead w/ DMX,yoke, A/B Goldmount battery plate, 150w power supply with mounting hardware, locking IEC to Edison AC power cord

Cineo Maverick3 Bi-Color Portable Travel A/B Mount Kit

Includes xture w/DMX, yoke, 3200K and 5600K panels, 120w AC Adapter, AC Power Cord, TVMP Adapter, A/B Gold Mount battery

Cineo HSX Color-Tunable fixture

Integrated Lamphead w/ power supply, 6′ IEC to Edison power cord, yoke, TVMP

LightBlade LB800 – 10 Zone White + Full Color Soft Light

LightBlade LB800 is a 2'x4' 800 watt softlight, complete with landscape yoke. For dynamic lighting effects, the LB800 can be configured in 10 independent zones, with complete DMX/RDM control over each zone. For advanced use, all parameters for each zone are completely configurable via RDM. Controlling the color space for each zone can be accomplished in either HSI + CCT mode, or RGB + CCT. The LB800 can store and recall multiple fixture settings for quick access to frequently used lighting parameters. The LB800 includes the same intuitive graphical user interface as the LB1K and Cineo Standard 410 delivering predictable, repeatable results. The fixture can be controlled locally or remotely with wired or built-in wireless CRMX control.