Low Power

  • An Industry Favorite

    The small and easy-to-use Matchstix are available in multiple sizes for the convenience of the professional or amature filmmaker. 

  • Simple & Intuitive

    No need to drag around heavy equiptment! Matchstix are the perfect lighting source to throw into your bag when you are on the go. 

  • Pick Your Power

    Don’t allow your power-source limitations to slow you down. Matchstix conveniently utilize a variety of AC and battery-powered options. 


Imagine a small, simple, color-accurate light source designed for image capture with the versatility of power and mounting options to go anywhere you need it.

Cineo Lighting and Litegear™ have teamed up to develop the Matchstix series of small, versatile Remote Phosphor light sources. Matchstix operate from any DC power source from 11.5 to 16 VDC, including many battery options. Standard co-ax DC power connector permits the use of a large variety of power supply options. Matchstix are optimized for flawless, flicker-free control with Litegear Litedimmers.

Only 35mm wide, Matchstix are available in 3″, 6” and 12” lengths and are surprisingly bright for their size. Available in all Cineo color temperatures, their color quality perfectly matches all other Cineo softlights. The back side of all Matchstix includes a standard cold-shoe slot for limitless mounting options virtually anywhere.

Matchstix Features


SmartPower technology provides consistent light output regardless of the battery level.


Color constancy and flicker-free operation that will last throughout the life of the product.


The various sizes make Matchstix the perfect solution for the on-the-go professional.


The portable Matchstix produce between 2,700K – 5,600K lumens.


Available in 12″, 6″, or 3″ lengths, each unit is only 1.3″ wide and weighs less than a pound.


The small and easy-to-use Matchstix are the perfect solution for mobile lighting.

Matchstix Overview

Matchstix Features

Utilizes Remote Phosphor Technology (RPT) for accurate, consistent output

Optimized output for film, video and still photography

Available with 2700K, 3200K, 4300K and 5600K CCT

160° light spread

Small and lightweight

Completely flicker-free operation

Completely silent operation

Local and DMX dimming options with no color-shift: 0-100%

Input voltage: 11.5 - 16 VDC
Power consumption: 100mA per inch, 12”: 1.2A, 6”: 600mA, 3”: 300mA
Lamp head dimensions: 1.2”W x 1.2”D x 3.74” / 6.75” / 12.5” (35mm x 35mm x 95mm, 171.5mm / 317.5mm)
Lamp head weight: 3” = 5 oz. / 6” = 9 oz. / 12” = 15 oz. (.141kg / .255kg / .425kg)
35,000 hr. L70 rated
Environmental temperature range: -20º - +40º C Max. temperature rise: +20° C
2-year parts and labor warranty
Zero UV light emitted
Made in USA
Matchstix foot-candles @ 3ft. lux @ 1m.
CCT 3" 6" 12" 3" 6" 12"
2700 6 14 30 64 150 321
3200 7 15 32 75 161 342
4300 7 16 35 75 171 375
5600 7 16 35 75 171 375

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*Soft Box supplied by Chimera. **Snap Bag supplied by DOP Choice. See individual product catalog sheets for details on specific accessories. See Downloads for catalog.