NAB Interview Cineo’s Trish Maas

An interview from the 2017 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with Trisha Maas of Cineo Lighting. Cineo Lighting was founded to produce the highest quality lighting systems


Lighting expert, Shane Hurlbut is excited over the advancement of Cineo's Remote Phosphor Technology, noting "One of my favorite types of light is remote phosphor. It’s incredibly powerful. Since

Cineo at the International Broadcasting Convention

Meet Tom Yuhas as he explains the variety of Cineo Lighting products available live from the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC

Meet The Gaffer #20: Arri Skypanel vs Cineo HSX

In this episode of Meet The Gaffer - Episode #20 - Luke Seerveld (San Francisco Bay Area Gaffer) compares the Cineo HSX to the Arri Skypanel.  Check out the video to see how the HSX performs in

Cineo Remote Phosphor Lights – NAB 2016 –

Cineo Lighting's Remote Phosphor Technology makes our fixtures stand out among the

Newsshooter at NAB 2016: Cineo HSX

NAB 2016 was a huge success. Check out the review of the Cineo HSX from

Den Lennie Reviews the Cineo HS2 Remote Phosphor LED HD

Lighting expert, Den Lennie, reviews the Cineo HS2 for the F-Stop

Den Lennie reviews the Cineo Matchbox

Den Lennie's F-Stop Academy reviews the Cineo

Digital Cinema Society Presents Cineo with Trisha Maas

Cineo Lighting's Trisha Maas details all of the newest product developments at NAB

Cineo HSX Offers More Control Over Your Lighting (Newsshooter April 2016)

NAB 2016: Cineo’s new HSX offers more control over your lighting NEWS POSTED ON 21ST APR 2016 7:08PM BY MAT GALLAGHER Matt Allard chats with Trish from Cineo about their new HSX light. The