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Warranty Registration

DD W alone

Announcing the Cineo DoubleDown Warranty Program, a simple way to double your warranty on all Cineo products purchased after January 1, 2014. It’s easy: register your Cineo HS series, Maverick series, Matchbox and Matchstix below and receive two additional years of no-hassle warranty protection on your investment.

Why? We want to extend our confidence in the reliability of Cineo products to you. We’re here to support your everyday use on every job, day in and day out. This is not a limited time offer, and does include Cineo’s new HSX series color tunable-fixtures as well.

We will repair or replace your registered Cineo fixtures at no charge, subject to the terms and conditions of the Limited Warranty agreement, for a total of four years from the original purchase date. No hassle.

Register your products. We’ve got you covered.

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System Type*

Kit Name and/or Part Number (if applicable)

Date Purchased

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*You may register multiple systems of the same type at once so long as you provide a serial number for each fixture. However, if you have two different system types (i.e. Maverick and Matchbox) please register them separately.
**You may register multiple systems of the same type at once as long as they have the same purchase date. Please provide a serial number for each system. If your systems were purchased at different times, please register them separately.