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Maverick Features

Portable: Operates on 12-32 VDC from a variety
  of power sources
Highly Accurate Color Rendering: CRI 97 @ 2700K, CRI 97 @ 3200K
  CRI 97 @ 4300K, CRI 96 @ 5600K
  CRI 95 @ 6500K
Super Bright, Hyper Soft: Over 20fc @ 10′ (215 lx @ 3m)
  with a 160º beam spread
Dimmable: Rotary on-board or DMX control: 0-100%
  with no color shift
Flicker-Free: No flicker at any frame rate
Passive Cooling: Lamp head has no fan, no noise
Field Replaceable Components: Modular design for easy service

Designed and manufactured in the USA