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In The News

In The News

LCA Announces the Next Generation of Cineo HS2 Lights (Guild of Television Cameramen August 2015) 


DPS Cinema Provides Cineo HS Lights for Marvel’s Fantastic Four (August 2015)



Cineo Introduces 2nd Generation HS2 (Doddle July 2015)


PBS Newshour Re-Light by The Lighting Design Group (PLSN July 2015)



Cineo Lighting Introduces the HS2 (Sound & Picture July 2015)


The On-Camera Lighting Battle (Newsshooter June 2015)


Cine Gear Technical Awards 2015 – Honorable Mention for Matchbox (June 2015)


Shedding Light on Remote Phosphor LEDs (Cinema5D News May 2015)


NAB Show News (TVTechnology May 2015)


Cineo Lighting NAB 2015 (Magnanimous Media April 2015)


Chuck Edwards of Cineo Lighting at NAB 2015 (Digital Cinema Society April 2015)


NAB Recap 2015 (the C47 April 2015)


Post NAB 2015 Spotlight: Cineo Matchbox (Widen Media April 2015)


Cineo Lighting at NAB 2015 (Video Gear April 2015)


Cineo Lighting Brings the Matchbox to NAB 2015 (Cinescopophilia April 2015)


New Matchbox Light from Cineo (En Español) (CineDigital April 2015) 


NAB 2015 Lighting and Batteries Preview (TVTechnology April 2015)


Cineo Lighting Introduces the Matchbox (Sound & Picture April 2015)


Filming a Documentary About my Dad (PhilipBloom.com March 2015)


New Gear for Today’s Well-Equipped VJ (TVTechnology March 2015)


Remote Phosphor LED Lighting (Den Lennie’s F Stop Academy March 2015)


Lighting Technology Joins the Digital Age (TVTechnology February 2015)


‘Better Call Saul’: The Formats, Framing, and Film Noir Influences of the Series (Digital Video February 2015)


Remote Phosphor LED Lights from Cineo Lighting (4K Shooter January 2015)


The CRI Issue (HDVideoPro Magazine October 2014)


Modern Family: Jeff Cronenweth, ASC on Gone Girl (ICG Magazine October 2014)


Advances in Lighting Add More Versatility (TVTechnology August 2014)


Remote Phosphor Overview at DCS Lighting Event (Digital Cinema Society June 2014)


Cineo Lighting debuts Matchstix and explains the advantages of Remote Phosphor Technology (HDVideoPro June 2014)


Cineo’s new Maverick and Matchstix remote phosphor lights for on-the-go shooters (News Shooter May 2014)


Spotlight: Cineo Foton2 (Adorama Rental Co. Blog May 2014)


Jimmy Kimmel Moves to LED Lighting With Cineo (TVTechnology April 2014)


Cineo Lighting Announces New Maverick Portable at NAB (Geek News Central April 2014)


Post NAB 2014 Spotlight: Cineo Matchstix (Jeremy Widen Media April 2014)


Cineo Grows TruColor Family (American Cinematographer October 2013)


At A Glance: Cineo TruColor LS LED Light (HDVideoPro August 2013)


Cineo Lighting: TruColor HS & LS Overview (John Barry August 2013)


Cineo Lighting – Remote Phosphor Technology (Den Lennie’s F-Stop Academy Podcast June 2013)


NAB 2014 Interview: Cineo Lighting (Studio Daily April 2014)


Cineo Lighting at Digital Cinema Society Lighting Tech 2013 (Digital Cinema Society April 2014)